Inspection and measurement instruments

Our Quality Control operators make use of a Metrological Dept. fitted with complete and updated instruments.

The first inspections are carried out in-process with constant measurements and data processing by means of the SPC method in order to keep up the quality level of our products and to reduce the defect level near to zero.

Among the recently purchased instruments an optical non-contact measurement system Hommel Werke Contour 310 which enables a time-saving measurement of complete workpieces in seconds and a roughness measurement device Hommel Werke T1000 featuring high performances and having a skid scanning system operating between collars or in incisions. Finally SmartScope MVP250, the OGP automatic (CNC) optical measurement device fitted with a camera having a powered 30-180x zoom lens, which enables in an only positioning the measurement of inside and outside diameters, of centre-to-centre distances and of lengths. This instrument features great precision and time-saving operation.