Precision machine shop | Prometal srl

Prometal was founded in the year 2000 from an idea of its owner Mirko Beggiato and from his passion for mechanics.

Having already 15 years experience in this field, in April 2000 Beggiato started up the building of the present plan located in Bastia di Rovolon (Padova) at the foot of the Euganean Hills.

At the same time he started up also the manufacturing activity in a provisional plan in the province of Vicenza, where one machine and one operator worked.
The next year the number of machines has already been increased to 5.

In 2002 finally the sudden rise: the move into the new plan of Bastia, the increasing of machinery up to 8 and shortly after to 12 units and the engagement of about ten qualified people.

Thanks to their know-how and to their innovation spirit, the Prometal's team carries out turning on CNC machines as per Customer's specification and has also the capacity to supply the pieces finished by heat or surface treatments if requested.

At present the company cooperates with both domestic and foreign Customers, obtaining very good results as far as repeat and recommend business and Customer Satisfaction is concerned and a continuous increase on turn-over (the average increase value per year is higher than 20% in the last three-year period).

Prometal is your ideal partner if you're looking for quality, flexibility, on time deliveries and good prices on the manufacturing of machined parts acc. to yr. specification.